Handmade . Milan . Italy

Custom one of a kind instruments, built with precision and passion.

Handwork process integrated with computer design for the best result.

First grade woods.

Experienced selection and controlled humidity for the ultimate stability and tone.

Radiused or carved bodies.

Compound radius body: surface with different curvatures, comfort where needed and modern look.

Carved body:  sculptured surface, comfortable design and classy look.

Natural binding for tops, to highlight the fineness of the selected woods.

Unique piece necks.

Carved entirely from a single blank, carefully dried for greater quality, stability, and feeling.

External structure:  solid wood with angled headstock.

Internal structure:  high strength carbon fiber rods and precise sealed double action truss rod.

Ebony neck option, for the better smoothness and truly unique beauty.

Extremely sliding and pleasant to the touch, it emphasizes harmonics and sustain.

Bolt or set through neck construction. 

Solid connection between neck and body, to ensure huge sustain and rich harmonics. 

Ergonomic smooth transition and easy access to the last frets.

Frets slots with same radius of the fingerboard (shown in blue).

No empty spaces, for a solid fretboard with improved tone and sustain.

Accurate frets works for precise strings action.

Mirror polished surface for sliding bendings and vibratos.

Natural binding for fingerboards.

Smooth fret ends without tangs on the sides, to ensure the best comfort and playability.

Graphtech Black TUSQ XL nut.

Improved tuning performance and wide harmonic content.

STK Adjustable Nut option.

Same tonal benefits as Graphtech Black TUSQ XL.

Fine adjustment for strings height and interchangeable.

Premium quality components.

Focused selection even to the smallest parts.

Wood pickups toppers option, matched with the instrument.

Professional sealed potentiometers, durable switches and jack for lifetime reliability.

Clean wirings with graphite shielding to prevent any noise or interference, from your home studio to the stage.

STK logo with precious materials or custom logo with your design.

Wood covers matched with the body or with the neck.